Arthritis Causes and Modern Treatment

Arthritis।Treatment of Arthritis । Rheumatoid Arthritis। Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
There is a common belief among people that joint pain is probably the only symptom of arthritis and another entrenched belief is that arthritis only affects the elderly and not anyone else.

In this article, I will try to give a fair idea about the modern treatment of these complex diseases and their availability by mentioning the age-based cause analysis of rheumatism in all ages from children to adults, pain and various other symptoms.

First, it is necessary to know that what is the basis of Rheumatology? In a word, it may sound difficult, so a simple matter is not mentioned before, when a foreign pathogen such as a virus or bacteria enters the human body, the body's guard cells or danger signal system senses it and a type of 'antibody' in the blood as an immune system against these. Produces proteins that destroy these germ cells or cancer cells and protect us from these infections or infectious diseases.

Now these beneficial antibodies against germs are only supposed to be active against the enemy that has entered the body. But due to genetic defects or due to long-term exposure to a pollutant or germ in the body, the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria is lost and in response, such antibodies attack the body's healthy cells such as joints, spine, blood vessels, nerves, salivary glands, lungs, kidneys, skin and even the brain and eyes. and creates inflammation. 

This inflammation mainly causes joint pain and other symptoms. As a result, the mobility of the joint decreases and the inflammation spreads to the ligaments that are the accessory structural elements. Such a phenomenon is called an autoimmune disease or the body's immune system working against itself, wreaking havoc and causing symptoms by increasing the secretion of pain-causing chemicals by causing excess inflammation in the organs.

Not knowing the name, age and symptoms of autoimmune rheumatic diseases-

Gout or Rheumatoid Arthritis: After waking up in the morning, there is pain in the joints of the hands, feet, wrists or ankles, the pain is reduced by moving the hands and feet slowly. In addition to this, the hands and feet may feel tingling, the eyes may be inflamed or red, and even coronary inflammation may lead to heart disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis can occur at any age, from adolescence, young adulthood, to middle age or old age. Again, if this arthritis occurs in adolescence, it is called juvenile arthritis.

Rheumatic fever or rheumatic fever: The fever that occurs due to wrongly produced antibodies from the common cold or sore throat bacterial infection in childhood and the resulting special type of arthritis is called rheumatic fever. But it is completely different from rheumatoid or gout. This can lead to heart valve problems or kidney complications.

Ankylosing spondylitis: Specific arthritis or scoliosis caused by inflammation of the lumbar spine. It causes low back pain in young men aged 20-30 that worsens with rest and decreases with exertion.

Dysentery or sexually transmitted infection rheumatism: A type of rheumatism occurs after prolonged diarrhea or infectious dysentery as a result of inflammation of the digestive tract. Again, sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea can cause similar gout.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Psoriasis, an inflammation of the skin or an itchy disease, can also cause arthritis and gout.

Lupus or women's special rheumatism: Lupus is the rheumatism of women with various symptoms such as gout pain, reddening of the skin on the face and cheeks when going out in the sunlight, mouth sores, hair loss, abortion after two or three months after repeated pregnancy, kidney problems. says

Anti-phospholipid syndrome: Even after repeated pregnancy, miscarriage occurs after two-three months, there is a tendency to get extra blood clots with special grass on the skin of the feet.

Systemic Sclerosis: The skin of the hands, feet and face becomes tight and stiff, the lungs become stiff like corona due to inflammation of the lungs, and the rheumatism that occurs with kidney problems is called systemic sclerosis.

Dermatomyositis or Polymyositis: Inflammation of the skin or muscles causing sores on the skin and pain in the muscles of the body. In addition to such autoimmune causes, deficiency of specific nutrients in the body such as vitamin D can lead to bone loss and rheumatism. For example, osteoporosis. Because of this, not only the pain, but also tingling of hands and feet, burning, insomnia and even memory loss.

Also, certain types of waste products such as uric acid cannot be removed from the body and waste products can accumulate in the joints and cause arthritis. In this case, diet is also responsible, for example, excessive pulses, beechy foods, sea foods, excess beef causes uric acid formation.

Again, arthritis can be caused by injury to any joint, including the spine in general, or by excessive weight bearing or postural instability that interferes with normal movement, slippage of the soft disc between two bones, or inflammation of the ligaments. For example, PLID (sciatica) or tendinitis or bursitis. This can lead to leg vein or nerve problems such as tingling, tingling or pins and needles.

Again due to age or due to excess obesity or weight, the adhesive fluid between the two bones dries up causing friction between the bones and the flexible cartilage on the bone wears down and the arthritis is called osteoarthritis.

Again, shoulder arthritis due to diabetes can lead to frozen shoulder. So, it is clear, arthritis at any age these diseases can cause a variety of distressing symptoms in addition to joint pain.

Modern Treatment of Rheumatism:

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment is traditionally not limited to the use of steroid-type painkillers and simple oral anti-inflammatory pills. By applying modern diagnostic methods such as blood tests and DNA PCR tests, these diseases are no longer unknown, it is becoming possible to make a complete diagnosis, and it is now possible to alleviate the symptoms through modern medical systems. Apart from this, arthritis can be relieved by applying various types of physiotherapy (manual exercises and various technical machines to flex the affected joints) as an adjunctive treatment.

Besides, diet plays a huge role in preventing arthritis such as, 1. Turmeric or Cucarmin 2. Ginger 3. Green-tea or catechin 4. Pineapple 5. Cherry fruit or its juice 6. Sour fruit malta, orange, lemon 7. Any berries such as strawberries, gooseberries, mulberries 8. Carrot 9. Olive oil or olive oil 10. Coarse grains or whole grains or oats. They have been proven in studies to be anti-rheumatic or anti-inflammatory foods.

What is meant by modern medicine is-

A. Biological treatment: In simple Bengali, to pick a thorn with a thorn. This means that the harmful anti-rheumatic antibodies in the blood are destroyed by using monoclonal antibodies against the antibodies that cause autoimmune arthritis due to their high levels in the blood. These are special pain-free injections that are given under the skin or intravenously to relieve the disease.

b. PRP : PRP is a breakthrough treatment for shoulder pain caused by traumatic or age-related osteoarthritis and diabetes. By separating the filtrate containing the yellow part of the filtered blood from the patient's blood, this yellow fluid is injected into the affected joint. Nutrients or growth factors in the bloodstream act as nourishment for the regeneration of worn out joints and relieve pain.

c. Stem cell therapy: It is possible to reactivate degenerative joints through a regenerative process. All research in modern medical science revolves around stem cells. After filtering the stem cells or mother cells accumulated in the patient's bone marrow or fat in a special process and transplanting the pure stem cell liquid to the affected joints or organs, the affected joints are regaining mobility due to the new cell division in that organ.

d. Hyaluronic gel treatment: Hyaluronic acid is the anti-friction adhesive fluid between the two bones. To relieve arthritis pain caused by drying up of natural fluid, the hyaluronic gel is replaced, thereby preventing interosseous friction, thereby healing the pain.

e. Pro-biotic therapy: Active autoimmune arthritis is said to be caused by an overabundance of harmful bacteria and depletion of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Therefore, the tendency to produce antibodies in the blood can be reduced by consuming beneficial bacteria in the diet.

An interventional rheumatologist will determine which of these modern treatments are applicable to which type of patient in accordance with the patient's disease status, complications and economic status. So, do not panic and consult a registered rheumatologist if you experience any symptoms of rheumatism.

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