What to do to Prevent Infections

What to do to Prevent Infections
Germs enter our body not only through air, water, or food but also through other people's saliva, spit, phlegm, cold, or blood. This 'other person can be a pedestrian, a resident of a high-rise building, a co-worker, or even a person preparing or serving food. To prevent the spread of germs, awareness is also needed at the social level.

Cleanliness and diet

Regular hand washing should be done before preparing food (even cutting food) and washing dishes (of course before eating).

Avoid undercooked meat and kebabs to prevent tapeworm infection.

Don't touch your eyes with unclean hands.

You should wash your hands with soap if you clean your nose and dirt with your hands.

Keep your nails short.

Personal items such as combs, nail cutters, blades, and razors should not be shared by more than one person.

Swish after every meal. Brush twice.

Do not walk on the ground with bare feet. If you get muddy on your feet, wash them with soap as soon as possible. If washing is delayed, wipe first.

Do not keep your hands and feet wet.

Mosquitoes and rats also carry the germs

Cover the food.

Use mosquito repellent day and night.

Be sure to avoid sand-fly bites in black fever-prone areas.

If there are mice in the house, arrange to repel them. It is not advisable to use rodenticides or rodenticides in traps or rat traps. A great way to repel rats is to adopt a few cats.

Get vaccinated

Immunize children under the Expanded Immunization Program.

Make sure people over 65 also get their scheduled vaccinations.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus and hepatitis B virus are important for everyone.

After animal bites or scratches, wash the area thoroughly with high-alkaline soap and get a rabies vaccine.

Vaccinate your pet regularly.

In the social sphere

Do not leave used tissues, handkerchiefs, or masks lying around.

Phlegm and spit cannot be thrown everywhere.

Don't spit on your finger before holding money or book pages.

Wear a mask to prevent coronavirus and other germs.

Sometimes the vendors blow open the mouth of the polybag or blow the dust from the top of a bowl. Avoid these habits.

Keep baby's toys sterile, apart from that toys should not be given to others without being sterilized.

Less is better for neonates or patients who have undergone surgery. Wash your hands before touching the newborn. Do not overcrowd the intensive care unit.

If you develop symptoms of an infectious disease, self-isolate in a room for a specified period of time.

Choose an institution that adheres to national guidelines for blood transfusions.

Rabies vaccination of stray animals (dogs-cats) should be ensured.

Be faithful to your spouse. Illicit relationships cause AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

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